Hello, my name is Caleb Mutombo founder and CEO of Lone Wolves Digital. I was a freelance web and app developer based in Cape Town South Africa. When I began this company I called it Lone Wolf Codes, with no one else on my team, I called myself the Lone Wolf Coder, I might have been one Lone Wolf, but now that I collaborate with others alike, “I” becomes “we” and “we” collaborate to bring you a variety of...


Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Caleb Mutombo, born on June 26 1997, a black physically challenged bodybuilder, tech enthusiast, entrepreneur-driven young man, and a recent graduate student at Falsebay College, Cape Town, South Africa. I am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but I’ve been living in South Africa for the past 22 years. My passions are bodybuilding, personal development, technology and entrepreneurship.

I do have a solid understanding of computer science theory; I can bridge the gap of understanding from my clients requests to technical requirements.

Being a “fresh out of college” young man, I have been dabbling more in software development, by reading and following tutorials on DevOps, backend, frontend, full-stack, and web development. I am familiar with technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net and VB.net. Other technologies I am learning include Python, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Node.js, React and GitLabs.


My Skills

Here's what to expect.

Over the past 5 years, I have learned a variety of skills and this is how far I have come to create only the most extravagant digital products and services, including but not limited to remarkable apps and cutting-edge strategies. Here are my skill levels.

Web & Software Development
UI / UX Design
Project management
Systems Analysis and Design
Time management
Business management



I don’t require anyone to push me. I can do the work that needs to get done, even if I don’t feel like it. When I was in college my daily routine consisted of a 4 am wake up followed by two hours of study before I get to college. I learned my discipline in bodybuilding, I am even more hard-working now that I have just started my freelancing business career, landing clinets and learning new coding technologies.


I am not afraid of putting my head down and getting my hands dirty. I have never really been the most talented guy in the room but, I know the value of hard work. It is hard work that has gotten me to where I am today. Some of my most relevant college subjects included Multimedia where I learned basic color theory, design principles, video editing, animation and Web Development. In Systems Analysis and Design, we learned about the Systems Development Life Cycle, Wireframe, Prototypes and User requirements. In Computer Programming, we learned OOP, Modular programming, functions, arrays, sub-procedures and much, much more.

Passion & Vision

My passion for technology and all it can do for society; this is a good reason. It is what drives me and so you can be sure that I will be putting my best foot forward with your project needs. It is not something that I am forced to do, but rather something that comes from deep within. Meaning there is a lower probability of me quitting or failing. It is not just about me, but the clients I wish to call friends.

Good grades

I have proven academics, that shows just what I am capable of. Covid-19 has changed a lot of things for us, especially in the way we learned at college. For almost half the year in 2020, we didn’t have classes. This was a challenge that caught me off guard, I take some responsibility for this. Looking back, I can think of a few things I could have done better. My grades in some areas have picked up however from 2020 - 2021.

My Life challenges

So, if you think what I think you’re thinking. The answer is no! I don’t think I deserve an opportunity simply because I am physically challenged. But I will say this, my experience has made me resilient and that is all I need to navigate through challenges and bounce back. I am a people person and I enjoy working in a team. My friends say I have a big mouth, but I think they just don’t know how to say “out-spoken.”


Don't take my word for it.
Hear it right out of the horse's mouth!

Trevor Pascoe
CEO at Old Mutual Multi-Managers

"I have known Caleb for four years and know him as a person with great tenacity and passion. He loves what he does and puts his heart and soul into everything he tackles. Caleb loves challenges and even more so overcoming them."

Reagan Daniels
Former class-mate

" Here are some facts about Caleb's hardworking attitude: He has big dreams and he is highly motivated and ambitious. "

Reagan Daniels
Former class-mate

" He always finishes his tasks, even if others quit and he remains alone He doesn't like very much to get free stuff and would prefer to earn those things "

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