Let’s talk about Lone Wolves Digital.


What is Lone Wolves Digital?

What began as Lone Wolves Codes, by a single web developer Caleb Mutombo is now more than just a web development company. Lone Wolves Digital is a geographically independent centralized network of freelancing digital nomads, built by a single freelancing Digital Nomad for others a like, SMEs, and well-established conglomerates. Lone Wolves Digital is a digital products and services provider founded and completely run by the founder and CEO Caleb Mutombo.

“I began Lone Wolves Digital with the emphasis of creating a network of freelancing Digital Nomads. No, you can’t find and book freelancers here, that’s my job. As I was once known as the freelance Lone Wolf Coder and Digital Nomad, not only did I create this very website, but I also collaborate with other Digital Nomads like content creators, digital marketers, project managers, financial advisors, business couches, other web & app developers and anyone else I need.”

What does Lone Wolves Digital do?

Here at Lone Wolves Digital, we fulfill every client’s digital product and service needs and wants no, matter what they are. We know that you want to be seen and heard on the world wide web. You want customers consuming your digital products and services so, they come back for more. Lone Wolves Digital is no longer limited to premium web development.

“I” has become “we” and “we” have expanded to offer you more digital products and services, ranging from Admin & Customer Support, Business, & Finance, Data & AI services, Engineering & Architecture, Graphics Design & Photography, HR & Training, Legal, Lifestyle, Sales & Digital Marketing, Software development & IT, Video, Audio & Animation, Writing & Translation. It’s simple, you demand and we command. I will assemble the team and manage your projects so you don’t ever have to!

How does Lone Wolves Digital work?

It’s the simple things that count! Forget huge office buildings and fancy office supplies. I like to keep things simple at Lone Wolves Digital. By collaborating with other freelancing Digital Nomads worldwide.

All, we need is a laptop, a stable internet connection, and like-minded people to bring you only the best of the best digital products and services at the lowest cost. That’s the beauty of the gig economy.

Why choose Lone Wolves Digtal?

If you are looking for the best digital products and services all in one place at, no extra cost to you! Well, then my friend look no further because this is as good as it gets. Not only are our digital products and services affordable, but we don’t compromise on quality because we, cut the cost by working as a location independent workforce with 0 to little maintenance cost. We don’t need or have large office buildings to work from, and we don’t need or have expensive equipment like printers and expensive coffee machines that require costly maintenance. No cleaners or security guards are required, everyone works from home or wherever they are. We are proud to say that we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time!

You’re probably wondering how? As mentioned above we save on overheads by keeping things simple. In addition, most of my collaborating Freelance Digital Nomads are actually from 3rd world countries that are rich in skill but lacking in opportunity. Making it more affordable for people in first world countries, but also bringing opportunity to those in 3rd world countries. Lone Wolves Digital is a network that connects us all.

Step 01

Clarity is key so, show us where you want to take your project and we will show you how to get there.

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Step 02

Like a chef preparing the ingredients for a five star meal, I prepare the components for your new world class website.

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Step 03

Once you know the purpose of your request and it's components, this can only mean it's time to plan the construction.

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Step 04

It's magic time, we will make sure that no matter the task we will ensure that the images, video, text and animation are the correct combination, just for you.

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Step 05

We give you what you asked for, and you will find it delivered right in your inbox, either by a link or the actual file!

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Step 06

Some projects are bigger than other, that's why we stay with you for the long run. Feel free to come back for some TLC if needed.

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Here's what Lone Wolves Digital can do for you.

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To go fast one must go alone, to go far we must go together!

Through collaboration, Lone Wolves Digital has manage to diversify the digital products and services offered here. This allows you to outsource your entire workforce! Here is what Lone Wolves Digital’s team is Made of…

1. Admin & Customer Support:
2.Business & Finance:
3.Data & AI services:
4.Engineering & Architecture
5.Graphics Design & Photography
6.HR & Training
9.Sales & Digital Marketing
10.Software development & IT
11.Video, Audio & Animation
12.Writing & Translation

About Lone Wolves Digital.

In a nutshell, Lone Wolves Digital is the one-stop shop all things digital. Like a supermarket for digital products and services. More than twenty years ago Jeff Bezos started Amazon by selling books, today Amazon sells everything retail and consumer goods related. Lone Wolves Digital began selling websites. Today Lone Wolves Digital sells any and every digital product and services. Our entire workforce is made up of a global network of digital nomads, that offer digital services by collaborating with other Freelancing Digital Nomads, to cultivate smart ideas and turn them into digital products and services for start-ups and seasoned players.

  • 1 The Lone Wolves Vision

    In the not-so-distant 3 years from 2023. Lone Wolves Digital seeks to expand collaborations amongst freelance Digital Nomads to 5000. In 5 years from 2023, we aim to provide short online courses, and in a decade from 2023, we will offer university-accredited courses to our global workforce members.

  • 2 The Lone Wolves Mission

    To become the biggest one-stop destination for all digital products and services for business and personal needs. Our biggest goal the largest employer of freelance Digital Nomads. We will achieve this by keeping things simple and removing a lot of lengthy processes and unnecessary expenses, like overheads of renting large buildings, buying office equipment, company cars, and cleaning or security services. Each collaborator of Lone Wolves Digital is an independent contractor working on a freelance basis.

  • 3 Why Lone Wolves Digital?

    We offer all the best digital products and services, at the lowest cost at the fastest time with no compromise on quality, all in one place. In the same way, you don’t drive to a chicken farm for meat and then to a wine farm for wine, you get it all in one supermarket. When you choose Lone Wolves Digital. You choose the supermarket of digital products and services. You are not only getting more bang for your buck but also creating opportunities for those who need it most. So, if you are looking for digital products and services at the lowest price with the highest quality and fastest delivery, choose us to save you time and money. Look no further than Lone Wolves Digital.

Tools and resources.


Here are some of the world’s finest tools and resources, that to bring your digital products and services to life!

Here at Lone Wolves Digital